Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Seignac and his beautiful smiles!

Here some beautiful Seignac's.
Click to enlarge and enjoy!
Gachucha (a "cigale type" painting), Reflections (feel the marble, Luke!), Fragrance, Libellule (note the very similar poses in Libellule & Fragrance) and the most famous and splendid Awakening of Psyche (do click on it to enlarge).

Seignac was highly influenced by the Italian Renaissance masters, as evidenced by the harmoniously balanced composition and equilibrium between color and line in his own paintings.
"Seignac brought the Sistine sibyl into the modern world, framing her figure in nature and immortalizing her beauty".
A student of Bouguereau, Anthony Robert-Fleury and Gabriel Ferrier, Guillaume Seignac was a frequent exhibitor at the Paris Salon and received a number of medals for his works: including an honorable mention in 1900 and a Third Class medal in 1903.

Among his exhibited works were:
Bacchante – Paris Salon 1897
Les Dernieres Roses – Paris Salon 1897
Flore – Paris Salon 1898
Téte grecque – Paris Salon 1898
Reverie – Paris Salon 1899
Diane – Paris Salon 1899
Baigneuse – Paris Salon 1900
L'attents – Paris Salon 1901
A la Fontaine – Paris Salon 1901
Nymphe – Paris Salon 1902
Pensive – Paris Salon 1902
Secret d'Amour – Paris Salon 1903
Irene – Paris Salon 1903
Le réveil de Psyché – Paris Salon 1904
Hésitation – Paris Salon 1904

In order to complete the "smiles" series, I have decided to add the beautiful "Paresseuse" as well :-)

It might also be useful to point out that we already had Seignac's beautiful wave (with her smile!) below.